5 tips to train your dog without punishing him

Quiet…, sit…, come here…! Do these words sound familiar to you? Well, of course, they have to do with our best friends, dogs. When it comes to dog training , there are many theories; Some say that you have to punish, others that you don’t, some say that they only learn as puppies, others that they don’t…

We prefer firm but loving training; That’s why we bring you 5 tips to train your dog without punishing him that will help your new friend behave better K9 training Houston, respond to you and not run the risk of suffering future accidents. Are you ready?

1 Have patience
If you have just adopted a puppy and want to start teaching him certain things, the most important thing is that you stay calm, so the little one won’t get nervous. Remember not to yell at him, please, he’s just a baby and you’re trying to teach him to do things correctly. Count to 10 and breathe!

2 Use the prize theory
Very simple: Giving your dog a reward when he does something correctly is the key. You can give him something to eat, a new toy, or a nice, comforting pet. This way your unconditional partner will know when he does things well because you recognize it, and he will continue on that path. What award comes to mind for you?

3 Ignorance kills the dog
Did you know that dogs believe that the entire universe revolves around them? Well, me neither. The key is to ignore your dog whenever he behaves in an unacceptable way. This is your magical alternative to not yelling or scolding him; You just have to continue with your tasks normally but without paying any attention and he will notice that what he did is not good at all.

4 Use replacement theory
A puppy does not know how to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong, so it is up to you to teach him. Don’t get angry or punish him if you see him biting your favorite shoe – I know, it would be very irritating – but remember that until you show him, he doesn’t know that he is wrong. When you catch him red-handed, say “no” in a firm voice and remove the object but replace it with a dog toy . You will see that he will understand what things are toys and what things are not.

5 Be consistent and constant
This is the key to success! Remember, it is useless if you sometimes give him one order and sometimes another, you will only make him confused. We don’t want an anxious and unpredictable dog , do we? Well then try to be consistent and constant, and your puppy will surely soon understand what the house rules are.

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