Ideas for a hassle-free small kitchen remodel

If you think that having a small kitchen is an impediment to achieving a beautiful and functional design, think again! With the growing popularity of mini apartments, architects and designers have created different solutions to make a small kitchen remodel easy and affordable home remodeling Waukesha Wi.

And since at Duomo we want to help you design the space of your dreams, in this article we will share our best tips for remodeling a small kitchen, taking advantage of every square centimeter. You will love your new kitchen!

How can you accommodate a small kitchen?
The first step to doing a successful remodel is planning, since you must define what things you want to change, which you want to keep, and which you want to eliminate completely.

But what is essential? Consider that the key to organizing a small kitchen is to focus on functionality , so you only need three areas to have a practical and efficient kitchen :

  • Food preparation and cooking area
  • Cleaning area
  • Storage area

To distribute these three areas you have many alternatives, although the most common in small apartments are line or L-shaped kitchens. With this base, below we will show you some ideas that will help you optimize the use of space.

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