5 Tips to start an e-commerce business

There is no doubt that the network of networks has spread as if there were no tomorrow. In fact, who does not consider the Internet as a means to buy everything that is not basic (although YES there are those who make the purchase of the super in this way)? Entrepreneurs have also noticed and many have already sharpened their teeth to get fully into this world of opportunities that is electronic commerce. Is it your case? Well before you do anything let me give you some tips to undertake on the Internet that will be very helpful shopify tools.

“Entrepreneurship in electronic commerce is not as simple as it seems”

Do not keep a stock

Stock is a logistical and financial problem, since it requires an investment that usually is most considerable at the beginning. But, what if you did not need to spend on this, or do so trying to make it as minimal as possible? The Internet gives us several options in this regard that can be ideal if you are starting and want to go safely.

There you have the dropshipping options , where you work with your supplier’s stock and this deals with logistics by putting your brand in the process; and of the digital products , which can be a mere template of an invitation or congratulation letter, an ebook or even software (surely the first thing you can do, right? Try Etsy, where these articles move very well). By the way, within the scope of the digital you have the possibility of working with products with PLR licenses. Basically they are infoproducts where you are assigned the rights of exploitation, authorship and editing.

Eye with the commercial margins

There are those who still think today that selling on the Internet is something like setting up an online store and sitting down to receive orders, but it will not be. What is the use of having a product that is milk and an incredible website if nobody visits it? Making an analogy would be as if you had a beautiful shop with movie offers on a street where not even Tato passes.

If you want to be successful in e-commerce, you are going to have to take advantage of advertising and, sometimes, services provided by third parties; such as graphic design, template adaptations, etc.

It is true that in general the operating expenses are not as high in proportion as those of an “offline” business, but still it is necessary to be forecasted with the commercial margins, since if you are very tight you will run the risk that in less you’re welcome without benefits. It is one of the added advantages of digital products, which you do once and then everything you collect is free of the replacement cost.

Start at the marketplaces

If you decide to set up your own online store you will have the problem that you will have to attract potential buyers; and I already tell you that it is neither easy nor cheap. Why don’t you take complications at the beginning and start selling through marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, Amazon, Dawanda and the like? Even platforms like Wallapop or websites of classified ads could be helpful. There is a world of options out there!

And you know what is best? That interested visitors to your files will not be missing; you will only have to worry about being detailed and competitive; in addition, obviously, to offer a good customer service.


On the Internet you will find stores where you can find everything, so it is much more advisable to devise a catalog with products and / or services with few competitors (because you can also sell services on e-commerce platforms). For example, if you sell novels you will compete against beasts such as Amazon, Topbooks, The Book House and much more. But if you sell books specialized in architecture, law or sales, you will leave the range of these great brands and the competition will be much more fragile. You will have more options to make yourself a popularity.

Train you

You should consider the possibility of receiving training in e-commerce, SEO, basic graphic design and in general in those disciplines of the Internet world that can be very helpful in your digital adventures. No one said it would be easy, right?

Additional advice: be patient

Things will not always turn out as you expected, so you will have to have considerable patience. Do not give up on the first exchange and be prepared mentally and economically to overcome the bumps that you will encounter along the way.