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How to get followers on Instagram

Getting followers on Instagram is an increasingly complicated feat. With more than 1,000 million users forming the social network, stand out from the rest is much more difficult than a few years ago, when the platform was not as popular and the new influencers with millions of followers did not appear every half hour.

But still, it is still possible to significantly increase the number of followers by buy custom instagram comments of your Instagram account in a relatively simple way. To do this, just follow several steps and recommended tips with which the account more attractive to other people, and step to take advantage of some of the limitations or “bugs” of the social network itself. All of this, of course, in a clean, legal and totally free way.

Get followers on Instagram: what you should do

Use hashtags

You do not have to put 50 hashtags in each of your Instagram posts. However, taking advantage of the social network’s tags can be a very good way to reach a larger audience interested in a topic, and thus attract their attention with the goal of gaining followers on Instagram.

For each image or video that you upload to your account, using about 10 hashtags can be useful for your goal. Logically, the hashtags should be related to the image or video published, and for this it is possible to use applications that generate hashtags automatically depending on the content of the image.This way, you save yourself having to look for those most popular tags on a subject concrete.

Interact with other users

Trying to gain followers on Instagram without interacting with other users is practically impossible . You will not be able to grow your fan database if you only follow your closest family and friends, so be sure to spend time connecting with other users, brands and pages, as well as give likes or comments in their publications, always, of course, without spamming.

Publish quality content

It is useless to interact with users or plague your publications of hashtags if the quality of your images and videos is conspicuous by their absence. At this point, you do not need to have a high-end phone to take good photos, so take advantage of what you already have and start experimenting, inspiring you if you need it in the images. If you manage to increase the quality of your publications, no doubt getting followers on your Instagram account will be much easier.

Take advantage of the stories

If in addition to publishing quality content on your Instagram profile, you are able to bring that quality to the Stories, you will undoubtedly attract a greater number of followers. Since the stories disappear after 24 hours – unless you decide to anchor them in your profile – if you start posting interesting things in this section of the social network, it is very likely that new users who see your profile decide to start following you for Do not miss any of your publications. That’s why the Stories section can be a great ally when it comes to gaining followers on Instagram.

Discover the best time to post content

As in any other social network or platform, Instagram has more active time slots, and others in which it is more difficult to reach a large audience. Since this will depend on your country, and above all on the public to whom the images and videos you upload are directed, it is best to use an application like WhenToGram, which allows you to quickly and easily know when is the best time to upload new content to your Instagram account with the goal of reaching as many people as possible.